Equipment Audit

we audit end of the line equipments

T-TEK offers comprehensive on-site equipment audits on all brands, customizable for either a single piece of equipment or on the entire line. We generate the audit report based on the information we collect on your machine. This report includes the current condition of the equipment, observation notes, and recommendations for further action. Based on the audit report, we also generate the quote for the replacement parts and offer installation if necessary.

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why the audit is important?

  • To determine your safety procedures are working properly on & around the palletizer or an equipment

  • To discover and identify potential hazards

  • To check the safety of your equipment

  • To evaluate the adequacy of machine parts and performance


  • Safety review
  • Machine analysis
  • Visual inspection for warn or broken parts
  • Machine adjustments
  • Overall pictures of the machine including individual sections
  • Warn parts with list of suggestions
  • Replacement generates the recommended parts quote based on the audit report and offers installation if necessary






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