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We Custom Design and Build Automated Manufacturing Equipment

Medium Speed Palletizer

The T-TEK TMS Series Palletizer is designed to handle variety of products and on pallet patterns. These machines are suitable for slow to medium production areas and it is built to last.

Servo Controlled Palletizer

The T-TEK TS Series Servo Palletizer is the fastest, most capable palletizer in the T-TEK line of equipment. It is designed to perform at the highest level of efficiency, the lowest cost to operate, and it is built to last.

Efficiency In-Line Palletizer

The T-TEK TE Series Palletizer is designed to provide maximum value by including the essential components of the TS Series palletizer, the divider, the heavy-duty hoist, etc.


Some plants have unique needs. Sometimes an unusual product requires some creative solutions. T-TEK has been building custom equipment to fill those needs since we began. Customers with an odd-shaped space, newly created container, or old equipment that needs to run something new can sometimes benefit from a Custom Solution.

T-TEK enjoys finding ways to fit square pegs in round holes. Every year brings us opportunities to challenge our design team and add to our catalog of custom equipment.

Ready to build your next material handling system? Let’s get started.

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T-TEK has frames originally built by other manufacturers that were removed from active production lines. We will remanufacture these to suit your needs.

Check out our Before & After pictures of Refurbished Equipment, See how we convert old equipment into new.

Efficiently Produce Goods Using the Finest Machinery

Get complete and cost-effective automation solutions for your production line from us at T-TEK Material Handling, LLC. in Montgomery, Alabama. We offer quality robotic systems that can make the production process a lot faster and easier. We also provide machine maintenance services so you can maximize the use of your equipment in the long run.

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What We Do

We are dedicated to solving the palletizing, conveying, and material handling needs of manufacturers nationwide. Founded in 1996, our company started in field service, offering conventional palletizers and machine maintenance to commercial customers. Since then, we have evolved into a turnkey integrator of various factory equipment.

Our Mission

We aim to combine highly innovative personnel, world-class customer service, and the practical application of leading-edge technology so we can provide valued customers with state-of-the-art, user-friendly, environmentally conscientious, and top-quality material handling systems that improve the way factories manage production.

Our Reliable Solutions

We offer cutting-edge automated machinery that can be a useful investment for your company. These include palletizers, depalletizers, robotic systems, conveyors, and packaging line equipment.

A computer rendering of an industrial plant.
A 3 d rendering of an industrial machine.

Excellence in Every Service

We ensure excellence in each service by executing the Factory Acceptance Test on the equipment during and after the assembly process by verifying that it is built and operating in accordance with design specifications. We ensure that you’re satisfied with what we do from start to finish. To make this possible, we provide end-to-end solutions like technical training and equipment repair. We also use our knowledge and experience so we can better help you with your needs.

Achieve a Smooth Manufacturing Process With Our Help

Improve your production efficiency by using our material handling equipment. For more information about what we offer, reach out to us today.