Hybrid with Cartesian

Cartesian on a TE Series

Customers that demand the ultimate in package flexibility are rewarded by the T-TEK Hybrid Palletizer line. Our latest offering is a Cartesian/ Gantry style pattern forming section mounted on our TE Series uni-frame for stability. The pattern forming sections are designed for precision and built with high quality components.


Product Features

  • Servo controlled belt drives and ball screws allow long life, low maintenance, and precision case placement.
  • Standardly handles cases up to 45 lbs, 16 inches wide, and 15 inches high with NO change parts required. Larger packages available as an option.
  • Handles all types of packaging, stretch wrap, plastic shells, paperboard, or corrugated boxes.
  • The gripper uses a combination of position and torque limiting to manage your case gently but accurately.
  • Regenerative Power Supply returns up to 40% of the energy used by the all of the servos, including the Cartesian drives, resulting in an eco-friendly, energy efficient machine.
  • Windows with safety interlocks leave product visible and easy to access once the machine is stopped.
  • Multiple Cartesian heads can be used in series to improve package throughput.
  • Once cases are released, the case pattern is formed and moved to our standard TS Series servo Hoist, Apron, and End Compression for complete servo handling of your problem cases.
  • Standard Safety Package
    • Trap Key on Remote Operator Panel (ROP)
    • E-Stops on Jog Boxes
    • Sick safety controller
    • Light curtain – Accumulator Operator side
    • Light curtain – Hoist/Full Load discharge
    • Hoist upper access windows


Optional Features

  • Auto-adjusting infeed guides
  • Auto pallet centering on Pallet Hoist
  • Additional Operator Touchscreen (HMI) on Main Control Panel
  • Hoist access window on non-operator side
  • Additional Platform with Hand Bar Grating
  • Additional Stairways
  • Safety Addition
    • Additional Trap Key for Lockout-Tagout
    • Hoist safety lockout pins
    • Electrically interlocked Hoist/Apron cover
    • Light curtain on Non – operator side
    • Taller handrail (42″) opposite the operator touchscreen
    • Light curtain in Dispenser Infeed area
    • Electrically interlocked gate with fencing
    • Empty Pallet Infeed area fencing with Steel mesh access gates
    • Case Infeed Tunnel with safely access Gate
    • Full Load Outfeed Area Fencing with Steel mesh access gates


Equipment Options

  • CDLR Load station with Back wall
  • 90 Degree Transfer-table on Empty pallet loading area
  • 90 Degree Transfer-table on Full Load Pallet Discharge area
  • 90 Degree Turn-table on Empty pallet loading area
  • 90 Degree Turn-table on Full Load Pallet Discharge area
  • Curved Conveyors
  • Table-top accumulation conveyor with Three Strand Double Capacity 60 Chains
  • Tier-sheet Dispenser System
  • Scissor Lift
  • T-Car (Transfer Car) System
  • Pallet Lifting/Lift Conveyors
  • Pallet tipping and flipping equipment
  • Test Bench equipment

We test-run our customer products by executing the Factory Acceptance Test on the assembled machine to verify it is built and operating in accordance with design specifications. Here are a few videos of testing products on our TE Series (Hybrid with Cartesian) palletizers.